How Vaasthu helps you to earn money.

Vaasthu Home

People do not spend money unnecessarily. But often they spend more money. Do not think too often about how. If you look at certain things without violating vaasthu in your home , you can adjust the costs of money.

The north side is the turn of Kubera. It is better to keep this section open. Do not keep heavy objects in this area. Adding the mirror to the north will prevent the monetary consideration. As per Vaasthu the positive energy flowing towards north-east to the south-west.

Thick shelves in the south-west corner of the house can prevent the loss of money. We can place shelves in the southwest corner of the house and shelves should face north side. Keeping the natural Peacock feathers on the top of the money box promotes revenue.

The south side of the house and the west side should depend on the east and north. Also note that the wall of the northwest corner is not rounded up

Do not place heavy objects in the central part of the house. Repair water leakage in the house as soon as possible. The old people say we lose money as water loses. As per vaasthu a little light in house on night time can promote your revenue.

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